10 incredibly simple ways to save on your energy bill this winter

Posted on Nov 29, 2015

1. Get a programmable thermostat and set it to lower the temperature in your house when you are sleeping or at work. This can save you $ 100 a year in heating costs. Source: www.uniongas.com



2. Unplug it! Lots of things consume energy even when you’re not using them. Cell phone chargers, your TV and all your computers draw a small amount of energy if left plugged in. Source: Ontario Ministry of Energy www.energy.gov.on.ca



3. It’s all timing. Consider running laundry loads and the dishwasher in the evening or at night during off-peak hours when electricity prices are lower. You can check time-of-use prices at www.energy.gov.on.ca/en/smart-meters-and-tou-prices/



4. When you do laundry, switch to cold water. More than 85% of the energy used for washing clothes is to heat the water. Source: SaskEnergy at www.saskenergy.com



5. Get rid of that old beer fridge! Old appliances use a lot of energy. Energy Star appliances are 20% more efficient. Just replacing the fridge with an Energy Star model can save you $ 100 a year. Source: Consumer Reports Magazine www.consumerreports.org/cro/news/2014/02/quick-energy-saving-tips-with-long-term-payoffs/index.htm



6. Bulbs. And we don’t mean tulips. Regular incandescent light bulbs burn hot and use a lot of energy. Switching to compact fluorescent lightbulbs or CFLs can save you a lot of money – about $ 6 per year per bulb! That adds up. Source: www.consumerreports.org



7. If you can feel the wind blowing INSIDE your house, you’re in trouble. About 40% of your heating bill is for heating cold air that has leaked into your house. Inexpensive caulking and installing weatherstripping on doors and windows can reduce your bill by 15%. Source: www.uniongas.com



8. Sounds crazy, but using the right size pot to cook with can save you money. Match the pan size to your element and always use the smallest pot possible. And keep the lid on! Source: www.bchydro.com



9. Like your head in winter, your attic is a source of heat loss. You can blow insulation into it easily and economically and reduce heat loss by 10% to 15%. Source: www.uniongas.com



10. Use those rebates and coupons. You can get rebates worth hundreds of dollars for upgrading your furnace, your thermostat and other home energy improvements. Checkout the incentives at HydroOne. www.hydroone.com/MyHome/SaveEnergy/Pages/default.aspx



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