Higher heating costs predicted

Posted on Oct 16, 2016

NIPSCO winter bills

2016-17 (projected) 2015-16

Nov.: $ 44 $ 39

Dec.: $ 73 $ 62

Jan.: $ 101 $ 81

Feb.: $ 100 $ 81

March: $ 81 $ 58

Total: $ 399 $ 321

Prices for natural gas will be going up this winter, with the average customer paying about $ 78 more over the winter heating season, which runs from Nov. 1 to March 31, NIPSCO announced Thursday.

The increase comes to about $ 15 more per month, the company said, but it is it is still the second lowest price in the last 10 years.

While this winter’s bills are expected to be higher, they will still be about $ 100 lower than two years ago, the company said.

The higher bills are the result of higher natural gas costs and investments made by NIPSCO to modernize its infrastructure and improve safety and reliability, the company said.

The price projections take into account market forecasts, supply trends and storage levels and are based on a normal winter. If the winter is colder or warmer than normal, bills could differ from the company’s projections.

The company projects that the average bill will be $ 44 for November, $ 73 for December, $ 101 for January, $ 100 for February and $ 81 for March.

NIPSCO serves 821,000 natural gas customers in Indiana.


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