‘Novel’ idea for water technology: Letters to the editor

Posted on Jul 3, 2015

Isn’t it a novel idea to open a Water Technology Park (where Zurn Industries will move its headquarters)? The idea for the park came from the Water Council of Milwaukee, an economic development organization. The charter of the Water Council is to “develop the region as a water research and industry hub.”

It is just a shame that Erie does not have plentiful water readily available to do a similar concept. Do you think it would be possible for the Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership and local politicos to come up with this type of idea? This assumes that we could find a source of water in the Erie region.

I talked to a member of the Regional Chamber who said it approached a large cannery in California to relocate to Erie, where it could have more than a million dollars’ worth of water. This is a great idea, but the cannery would have to change its ad: “Fresh from the field to you after a three-day train ride.”

Bob Rose|Harborcreek


GE’s workers, wages help Erie County


As a proud member of Local 506 of the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers, I would like to respond to some recent letters to the editor.

First, I would like to thank all of the businesses and organizations that have supported our cause and our members who have supported them in turn: the car dealers, grocery stores, motorcycle dealers, retailers in Erie County and beyond, taxing bodies, Realtors, insurers, churches and many owners of small businesses in the area. Thanks for standing with us and supporting our cause to obtain a fair contract.

As GE workers, along with management employees, we contribute greatly to the economic viability of Erie County. With higher health-care costs, all lump sums will be eaten up by said costs, as will our raises. For those who say we are greedy, I believe you are letting GE off the hook for not sharing its earnings with all of the personnel who work hard to make GE profitable.

I am sorry that GE can’t employ those who wish we made less or those who don’t want to see me sitting beside them on vacation but would rather have me waiting on them. For those who wish bad things upon us, watch what you wish for. For too long, we have become a “me” society and not a “we” society.

Gerald Servidio|Erie


Court ruling meritedmore space in paper


The elementary quality of the Erie Time-News was again evidenced by Saturday’s front page. The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of same-sex marriage — a historical event for the United States and for equality — should have been your featured cover story.

Instead, it was given little space, and accompanied by an uncertain, if not downright negative, headline: “Reactions to same-sex marriage ruling mixed.” Instead of history’s place, there was a sports story, “He’s No. 1.” There was also a story on the front page in sports, “McDavid, Strome taken top 3 in NHL draft.”

Colin M. McAndre|Waterford


We owe thanks to Democrats


Kudos to Horus T. Light, writer of the June 28 letter, “Democratic policies led to recovery.” He was right on. Then there was George Will’s piece that same day, “Roberts acts as legislator in saving health law.”

I would not want to match wits with Will, much brighter than I, but I do think that he and others should remember that U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts was appointed by President George W. Bush. You do remember him, don’t you? He got us into two wars that we are still paying for and paid way too much attention to his good friend and confidant, Vice President Dick Cheney, his go-to guy who was really running this country. I do believe that he and his friends from that awful place in Texas (in addition to Pennsylvania’s last governor, Tom Corbett) were responsible for the high price of oil and gas in the U.S.

We are paying way too much for gasoline because of the secret panel of oil barons who wrote into law that we could not sue those guys for damages because gas/oil/frackers were exempted, yet they blame our president for doing his best to extricate us from both wars (with no help from Congress), while thousands of children in this country go hungry every night. They (mostly Republicans) still think that Presidents George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan were on equal ground and were really great guys. I wasn’t too happy with either (I thought they were both overrated), but that would be another letter, wouldn’t it?

M.J. De Stefano|Ridgway


Obama’s policies hurt little guy


Horus T. Light was right about only one thing in his letter about how wonderful Democratic policies are. President Barack Obama is focusing on the needs of all — just not in the U.S. Only overseas nations are benefiting from his Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Yes, the needs of all are being met. Overseas, that is, not in our nation. His policies have drained us and will continue to do so. Big corporations are so happy. The little man is so being robbed.

Judith Chernek|Fairview


Wolf comes through

on promise of change


It seems Gov. Tom Wolf is delivering on his promise to change Harrisburg. His decision to veto the budget passed by the Republican-controlled Legislature is an important sign that things are better.

It’s clear that we need a new direction. Over the past few years, our schools and communities have been forced to sacrifices under state budget cuts. Instead of working with the governor, Republican leaders are pushing the state backward with another Corbett-like budget.

When you cut through all of the accounting tricks and gimmicks, there’s only $ 8 million more for public schools. That’s a mere 2 percent of the increased funding the governor proposed to restore education after the cuts imposed by former Gov. Tom Corbett. There’s also no new funding to help the counties serve those in need, no tax on drillers and no property tax relief.

Our children, families and workers deserve better. It’s time for legislators to stop playing partisan games and start working with the governor to pass a budget that works for working families.

John Neurohr|Valencia


Kudos for road work


Nice job by Harborcreek Township Supervisor Joe Peck and his road crew. Twice in the last month, he and his team have gone above and beyond doing a ditch/pipe repair at the end of our driveway.

With all of the talk about wasteful government spending, it’s refreshing to see your tax dollars well spent in Harborcreek Township.

Samuel Hill|Harborcreek

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