Planting Trees to Save Energy

Posted on Sep 27, 2015

Updated: Sat, Sep 26 2015, 11:44 PM

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS2/FOX28) – Alliant Energy partnered with Trees Forever to bring more than 30 trees to the Cedar Rapids Northwest Water Plant.

“Anytime we plant a tree, it makes shade, saving energy,” environmental scientist Holly Ruble said.

Ruble works with the city and said there are several goals behind the Branching Out project.

“As they get bigger, they will hold and take in more and more storm water,” she said.

She said the trees are supposed to help with runoff from flooding. She said volunteers planted four different types of trees – ginko, hornbeam, maple and birch.

“They each have a different value associated with water intake and energy savings,” she said.

The Saturday morning went smoothly thanks to volunteers like Lucian and Summer Thompson.

“I just want to help the community by doing something good for the world,” Lucian said.

Alliant Energy helped provide a $ 2,872 grant to offset costs associated with the project.

“Not only can we get outside on a beautiful day, but our community is important,” Summer said. “It’s good for us to be able to give back to our community.”

Lucian participated in the project as part of the Cub Scouts.

“I hope they start planting more trees if they cut them down and even fi they don’t because it provides beauty to the landscape and also provides us with fresh air,” he said.

The city hopes to apply for similar grants in the future to bring more trees to the area.

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