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Posted on Nov 17, 2015

Peterborough & the Kawarthas – a region that has been shaped by its connection to water. The Trent-Severn Waterway flows through the area, winding through a variety of communities from the downtown core of the City of Peterborough to the rural townships to the Kawarthas cottage country.

The watershed has impacted the sectors of the region’s diverse economy – highlighting opportunities that exist in manufacturing, tourism, and innovation in water and wastewater technologies.

The region is gaining ground as a hub where researchers, startups and industry experts can collaborate and innovate on solutions to the world’s water problems. Great ideas are coming out of Peterborough, particularly as it relates to treating wastewater in order to keep waterways clean. Two great startups, Aclarus and Noble Purification, with two different wastewater solutions are utilizing the region’s advantages to build their business.


Founded three years ago in Peterborough, Aclarus is a company that treats wastewater using ozone. Originally focused on the residential market, Aclarus has since branched out, creating innovative solutions for cottage, agriculture, industrial and wastewater applications.

In a recent study conducted at the City of Peterborough’s Wastewater Treatment Plant, Aclarus partnered with McGill University in order to remove emerging contaminants of concern – including illicit drugs, steroids and estrogen – with their ozone water treatment system. This system has proved highly effective, removing between 89-95% of all contaminants of concern.

The process for treating water with ozone is an effective, affordable and efficient way of treating wastewater. “Ozone is an all-natural disinfectant” said John Gillis, of Aclarus “It is 300 times stronger than chlorine and works 3000 times faster.” The result? Clean wastewater outputs with limited by-products, and a process that is more environmentally and economically sustainable.

Noble Purification

Noble Purification Inc. was founded in September 2013 in Peterborough, Ontario under the leadership of international award winner, Adam Noble, and PhD, Andressa Lacerda. Noble has created a patented wastewater treatment technology with the use of the algae, the FiltraCELL System™.

Noble’s patented FiltraCELL System™ is designed to purify process-affected water – including wastewater from oil and gas, mining, industrial and municipal markets. This technology has amazing potential. It could completely transform the way wastewater is filtered and decontaminated in the most extreme instances.

Noble’s customers will enjoy value added-benefits of the system including its ability to sequester carbon dioxide, release oxygen, yield biofuel and biomass products, and increase commodity recovery. The system is designed to filter wastewaters at high or low temperatures and is an affordable solution – expected to reduce operating expenditures and increase profitability for customers.

Currently, Noble Purification has a 500 square foot facility where they are showcasing their ability to grow approximately 8 tons of their product a year. Next, Noble will conduct a large on-site demonstrations of our FiltraCELL System™, which is a modular, small footprint system that works though the input of Noble’s microalgae.

The Peterborough Region’s assets for water technologies companies extend far beyond our abundance of water. With a location in close proximity to other major players in Ontario’s and Quebec’s water sector, research facilities through Fleming College and Trent University and access to real world demonstration sites, Peterborough’s water technologies sector is well-poised for growth in the coming years.

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