Unconventional ways to go green by saving energy

Posted on Sep 13, 2014

What are some unconventional ways to save energy? We all know to reduce, recycle and re-use. When it comes to going green, you may think you’ve heard everything there is to know. As it turns out, there are a few things we can do to save energy that we might not have thought of. Actually, when you really think about it, nearly everything we do in modern society involves energy usage. So turn the light off when you leave the room by all means. But don’t forget to go green with these unconventional ways to save energy while you’re at it.

Use your phone less.

These days, nearly everyone has a phone. While we often check to see that it’s fully charged and ready, we seldom remind ourselves that keeping it charged is a drain on energy and resources. When it comes to saving energy the less you use your phone the better. Got a cell phone? Plug it in only until it’s charged and use it less often to save energy.

Book exchange

Printing and manufacturing books and magazines takes a lot of energy usage. Consider borrowing books from the library, rather than buying them. Just be sure to bike, walk or use public transportation to get there. Another idea is a book exchange between friends. Be sure that when you do buy books and magazines you’re going green by getting the most out of them you can.

Buy quality items

When shopping for necessities, buy only what you absolutely need. We all know that’s one of the best ways to go green. What we may not think about is that buying quality items can save tons of energy. Why is this true? High quality merchandise lasts longer and will therefore have to be replaced less often. This saves production costs, including energy.

Get manual

Modern society is so dependent on mechanisms we often forget that they are just conveniences. Before there were electric mixers, there were hand crank beaters. Before there were food processors there were manual slicers, choppers and dicers. Before there were gas and electric mowers, there were simple push mowers. You can still buy all of these items and use them to save energy. Best of all, there are new and improved versions that make them easy to use and earth friendly.

Portions of this article were originally published by this author on a now closed Yahoo property.

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